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They are the Dras. It is a common term in their language. It is not used to distinguish them from outsiders as few if any of them are aware that there is anyone else. The name means kin.    They are a sturdy folk, their environment demands it. They survive in a place where most of the year is dim or dark.    They live in three small groups most of the year, headed by a matriarch who sees that all is in order and all have sufficient and none are lazy or idle.  

The Light-side Clan 

  This group makes their home on the eastern side of the fertile zone. They are the last to see the rising sun, when it rises, but are nearest to it in Dras lore. They mostly eat fish and make needles and clay pots for storage, cooking and trading with the other clans.  

The Bear-walkers

  Best known for their hunting prowess, each male of this clan hunts and kills a bear by their mid-youth and wears the tanned skin for the rest of their lives. They are the best defenders and will watch over all of the Dras.  

The Far-seeing

  The most mystical of the clans, they study the sky, the aurora, the stars, and the geologic events that the Dras live with daily. The are the best healers, and are known to prophesy true.


Common Dress code

Skins and furs are the norm through most of the year. Occasionally they will manage a harvest of flax which they beat and spin and weave into cloth. It is mostly for ceremonies.

Art & Architecture

Their homes are made of baked mud, dried on heated rocks above a steam vent. If they go hunting on the ice, they make temporary homes of blocks of snow.

Common Taboos

To marry someone not approved by the matchmaker. This is important, not just by tradition, but because the group is so small that the effects of inbreeding would show up very quickly.


Beauty Ideals

Strong limbs and wide features are desired for both male and female. The skin should be fair, the lighter the better. Blue eyes, or green. If an individual has red hair that is the most beautiful of all, especially if it curls wildly.
A Dras male
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