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Redwell is the name given to the residents who have managed to survive within the Tinted Marsh, also known as blood sea. An individual in the group is named Redweller.


Common Etiquette rules

As they live within an equal community, the basic rules are:
  1. Each individual has to contribute to the community. Redweller can contribute through various services like producing artisan goods, constructing houses and platforms, teaching the kids, and gathering and cooking food.
  2. Food, clothing, and household items must be shared and distributed within the colony.
  3. Members of the stilt house colony are encouraged to help each other to the best of their ability.

Common Dress code

There isn't a particular dress code, but from the outside, it might seem like a dress code colorwise, as all inhabitants of the colony wear clothes with a reddish tint. The reddish tint is caused by the color of the fibers from the cottongrass that is used to manufacture clothes.   They wear long-sleeved shirts, tunics, and tops over a usually tight-fitting pair of pants. Most inhabitants don't wear footwear, but if footwear is available, it is made from leather.

Art & Architecture

It is a stilt house colony made from wood thatched roofs made from dried locally available thick, durable grass.   The huts are built on stilt platforms with different heights connected through bridges and stairs. Lower stilt platforms have garden beds to cultivate fruits, vegetables, grains, and herbs.


Beauty Ideals

There aren't any particular beauty ideals, but functionality is preferred within the group.   That is to say that they have primarily short or very long tied up or pinned up hair that is sometimes embellished with flowers that they can find within the Tinted Marsh in the summer months.   The Redweller women use natural pigments gathered from berries and flowers in the area to tint their eyelids, cheeks, and lips on special occasions. Apart from these special occasions, they don't use body colorants in everyday life.

Relationship Ideals

Relationships aren't limited to the opposite gender but can also be the same gender. They live in monogamous relationships, often formed by individuals of different sapient species. Once a relationship is initiated, it usually lasts for a lifetime.
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