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Yamshi Clan


Yamshi Clan: The nomadic herders who were the first group to permanently settle the lands upstream from the Great Haraq Delta. Etymology: Arabic for "Walk"

Upon the continent of Haraq, there are many different nomadic tribes that wander through the arid and semi desert deserts. While the large swaths of sand dunes are traditionally avoided, some travel from oasis to oasis and survived amongst the oasis that spot the wasteland.

The Yamshi clan were a clan of shepherds and cattlemen who roamed the semi-arid portions of Haraq.These large tracts of land provided sufficient grazing material as long as they did not stray too far from the rivers that were infrequently found.

Settlement of the Great Haraq Delta

After generations of nomadic wandering, the Yamshi clan returned to the Valley of the Yashkur River. There they found the grasses to be more plentiful and better suited for the animals they cared for. Some members of the client began to explore the great Herat Delta at the end of the river where it ran into the Tajawaz Expanse, the ocean north of the continent.

Deverisied Economy

After the settlement, the people of the clan were able to find other skills that would allow them to make a living while residing on the great Delta. New occupations sprung up in the small collection of huts and then eventually developed into small villages complete with semi-autonimous political infrastruccr.

Ecomonic Hub and Regional Powerhouse

Over generations of the attempts to diversify the economy of the clan, the settlement on the great haraq Delta. Primarily reliant on fishing and trade, the settlement grew quite nicely to include many fine craftsmen and tradesmen. These attracted more and more people to settle near the area.

One of the results of this economic growth was the need for a paramilitary police force to protect the citizens of the settlement. Going by the name, Haraq Barracuda, this naval and marine force kept the peace on the sea, on the river, and on the land.


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