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The people living in the Thelian Mountains are known as the Thelians. The Thelians are a peaceful people, prefering not to interact too often with the peoples of the neighboring regions of Wolfsbrunn and Kordaasi.  

Nomads and Druids

The Druids of the Azure Moon live a more settled life in the Vale of Edorm, but high up in the mountains there are several clans and tribes of nomadic Humans, Half-Giants and Gnomes. These tribes have domesticated the Grand Mountain Goat as a beast of burden. Which allows the nomads to scale the steep slopes and cliffs of the mountainous landscape with far greater ease than if they were to travel by foot or on horseback. These people live off the little resources the mountains provide, hunting wild animals with the use of slings, spears and trained hawks, and foraging for food wherever they may find it. Each of the tribes is welcome in the Vale of Edorm, where they trade stories and goods with eachother and the druids.   People from the settlements that live close to the Thelian mountains and who in fact belong to the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn such as Ravenmar, Wadfeld and the Himmelfort are generally not considered to be Thelian, but are sometimes jokingly referred to as such by other Brunnians. This was emphasized during the Battle of the Burning Oaks. The people who were involved in this battle were regarded as Thelians, while in fact they belonged to the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn. To this day it still causes animosity towards the Thelians by some of the less forgiving people of Wolfsbrunn.
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