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Humans can be found all over the world. They have traveled and settled around the globe, making homes in all sorts of environments ranging from temperate climates to the hot deserts and the freezing mountains. Humans have the ability to deal with whatever the world may throw at them and are able to survive through innovation and sheer brawn. Their relatively short lifespan in comparisson to Elves, Dwarves and even Gnomes forces humans to attempt to live life to the fullest in the short amount of time they have available to them.


Humans are extremely diverse in terms of culture, beliefs and physicality. There is no such thing as a 'typical human'. The differences in the color and tone of their eyes, hair and skin is heriditary and over the ages adapted differently in various climates. However, ever since humans started traveling the world, these heriditary traits are no longer exclusively observed in humans in specific locations or environments.


Despite their varying tastes, customs, morals and cultures, many humans enjoy the good things in life like most other humanoid races do. They enjoy good food and drink as well as the company and love of friends and family. Most humans feel obligated to leave something behind in this world, to build something for the generations that will come after them. Legacies left by humans can be found throughout the world, entire cities, dynasties and kingdoms but also recipes, traditions and innovations can be traced back to the efforts of humans.
± 90 years
Average Height
1.55-1.95m (5'1"-6'5")
Average Weight
55-110kg (121.3-242.5Ibs)
Geographic Distribution


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