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In the north-east of Esca live the hard working people and citizens of the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn. They are collectively known as the Brunn.


While most of the humanoid races in Wolfsbrunn have been living there for centuries, the first generation of Brunn humans can be traced back to sailors and explorers who hailed from Tørsgärd and sailed up the Antler where they first founded the city of Altenport. Before the kingdom was founded, people living in the region already referred to themselves as Brunn. However, since the kingdom caused a political divide between Entari and Naldorec, the people from these places started to refer to themselves as Entarian and Naldorese respectively.

Virtues and Values

Brunn people are typically hard workers that do not easily change their mind when they have determined their goal. Few things are able to stop them from reaching those goals. The relatively young civilization has persevered many trials and tribulations throughout the years and has ingrained the core belief into the culture that nothing comes easy. Brunn people are not afraid of breaking some eggs to make an omelette, believing that the end justifies the means. Even though they hate to be lied to, they themselves don't mind a little white lie to get what they want. Because of this, Brunn people are met with varying degrees of distrust in some places of the world.


A fair portion of the Brunn consideres themselves religious, however when it comes to religion, the Brunn are divided. The kingdom itself is a theocratic monarch under the rule of the High King of Wolfsbrunn who is the Arch Priest of the Son to the The Three. This has made the worship of the Three the primary religion for the Brunn, but many people still worship what is referred to by others as 'the old gods' throughout the country.
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