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Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn

The kingdom of Wolfsbrunn is located in the north-west of Esca where it is ruled by the High King of Wolfsbrunn. The kingdom has seen many conflicts within its borders and outside of it, regardless of these conflicts, it has been able to thrive and do well for its people. And even though it is a tiny part of the entire world, Wolfsbrunn has a rich and at times dark history.


The kingdom is lead by the High King (or High Queen) who has typically resided in the capitol of Morhan. The Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn consists of six provinces that are ruled by a duke or duchess, towns and villages in the province are subject to the duke or duchess and typically ruled by a baron or baroness. The six provinces are:
  • Derstan
  • Kosgren
  • Nordherz
  • Sternes
  • Stratos
  • Talvald
  • Allies

    Wolfsbrunn does not have many sworn allies beyond its borders. In times of need, aid has been given to other nations, but nothing that constitutes a long lasting agreement or understanding. The kingdom has a truce with the citystate of Entari that is situated within its borders ever since the end of the Frostbitten War. Politically, they are considered allies, but in reality the relationship between the kingdom and Entari is cold and distant at best. The citizens of Wolfsbrunn do not truly trust the Entarians completely but do not feel the need to further establish their dominance over the nation. The Entarians in turn wish to be left alone to avoid further conflict and bloodshed.


    The kingdom has been at war with the Naldorese people from Thog'Naldar in the north for a few years. The reason for this conflict was the alleged invasion of the nation on the kingdom's lands. In the east, the Kordaasiz people have responded to attacks against their tribes by threatening with war at Altenport and seemingly joining together once more as the Tribe of the Singular Spirit.
    Geopolitical, Kingdom
    Alternative Names
    Brunn Kingdom
    Wolfsbrunner, Brunner
    Head of State
    Government System
    Monarchy, Theocratic
    Power Structure
    Feudal state
    Subsidiary Organizations
    Official Languages
    Controlled Territories
    Notable Members
    Millitary Conflicts
    Battle of the Burning Oaks
    Battle of the Burning Oaks
    Frostbitten War
    War of the Towers

    • 4774 AV

      Founding of Altenport

      The first city founded by humans on the lands that would later become the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn.

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      The First Landing
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    • 4912 AV

      Founding of Morhan

      Founding of the crown city and capitol of the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn.

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    • 4962 AV

      Founding of Rornach

      Founded by the 7 Outcasts of Wolfsbrunn.

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    • 5200 AV

      28 Setori
      5291 AV

      12 Embard

      Capitol Struggle
      Military action

      War between Rornach and Morhan for the royal seat of power of Wolfsbrunn.

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    • 6221 AV

      Sinking of the Palace on the Lake
      Disaster / Destruction

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    • 6256 AV

      2 Embard

      Kordaasi Betrayal
      Life, Death

      The day the royal family of The Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn got poisoned during negotiations by a diplomat from Kordaasi  tribes.

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    • 6361 AV

      Corruption of the Temple of Sylvanis
      Disaster / Destruction

      The corruption which would lead to the destruction of the temple to Sylvanis in the Calfert Marsh

      Additional timelines
    • 6387 AV

      6392 AV

      Flight of Nevaria
      Plague / Epidemic

      Period of disease named after the goddess Nevaria, caused by messenger birds spreading the disease across the country.

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    • 6433 AV

      29 Treham

      Collapse of the Temple of Ardev
      Disaster / Destruction

      Collapse of the main structure of the temple of Ardev in Morhan. Happened during a blessing of a newborn prince, who was the only survivor of the disaster.

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    • 6492 AV

      24 Aphtor

      Fall of Westzell
      Disaster / Destruction

      Westzell was destroyed by a red dragon.

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    • 6506 AV

      17 Nordenas

      Madness of King Ervol
      Life, Death

      The day the king went mad and had all the members of his own family killed and committed suicide. One of his sons survived.

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    • 6562 AV

      20 Ebtran

      Scarlet Road
      Life, Death

      Royal family got ambushed by Devils, many died on the road, others perished from their wounds, except the king himself.

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    • 6634 AV

      3 Caldenor

      Morhan Palace Fire
      Disaster / Destruction

      A fire which killed all living members of the royal family except for one princess who was praying in a temple.

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