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Rurzun Mountains

The Rurzun are the highest mountain range in Namda and include some of the highest peaks in the world. Most famous is Mount Mavvon, for it is rumoured a Great Beast makes the peak its home. However, few people can confirm this as the mountains are steep and dangerous to climb even for the experienced adventurer.


Reaching all the way from the Mallisi Sea in the west to the Temisnean Sea in the east, the Rurzun mountains cut straight through the south of Namda, and by doing so separate the countries Garyiala and Utreas from Oandeon.
To the north of the mountain range lies the Stodor Desert. Several rivers flow north from the range, amongst which the Rilris River, the only river which does not dry up in the sands of the Stodor and joins the Vogar River, north of the Stodor, in summer. On the other side of the mountain range, to the south, lie the treacherous jungles of Oandeon. The jungles spread all the way from the Rurzun to the coast of the Soundless Ocean. Perpendicular to the Rurzun in the south-west are the Oakto Mountains, which follow the coast of the Mallisi Sea and eventually merge with the Rurzun in the north.

Flora and Fauna

The plants and animals living in the Rurzun vary greatly with climate and altitude. On the southern side, tropical broadleaf forests cover most of the base of the mountains until they are displaced by plains of grassland and savannas, and small patches of evergreen forests. North of the plains subtropical broadleaf and pine forests take over. Then, suddenly, the elevation becomes steeper and the range becomes nearly continuous except for a few gorges where rivers gather to break through the range. Here, the subtropical forests are replaced by temperate broadleaf and mixed forests. Going even higher, temperate coniferous forests make place for alpine tundra where you eventually hit the eternal snow of the highest peaks. On the other side of the Rurzun, to the north, the Rurzun Plateau lies between the mountain range and the Stodor desert. The plateau consists mainly of alpine grasslands, a few shrublands, and fewer coniferous forests.
The jungles of Oandeon are home to many animals: insects, sometimes of horrendous size, colourful birds, reptiles and amphibians, monkeys like langurs and macaques, and deer and bears and tigers. The tigers also make the grasslands their home, where many species of deer make a great buffet. The same goes for the small crocodiles which occupy the rivers flowing south. The forests at higher altitudes are the home of the Rurzun brown bear, leopards, langurs, weasels, and a few goat-like mammals like the black serow. At the highest altitudes, in the alpine grasslands, live even more goat-like mammals such as the snub-nosed goral, blue takin and Rurzun tahr. Birds mainly include eagles, pheasants and snowcocks. If you pay close attention, you might even spot a snow leopard or Rurzun wolf, which mainly live on the Rurzun plateau. Other animals on the plateau are buffalo, yak, hawks, geese and vultures.

The Guardian of Mount Mavvon

Located a little to the east of the centre of the Rurzun mountain range, Mount Mavvon reaches high up to the sky. It’s white peak outreaches many of the adjacent peaks and can be seen from relatively far away. But from far away is the only way to see the mountain peak, for getting close is extremely dangerous. Mount Mavvon is one of the steepest peaks of the Rurzun mountain chain, and paths towards the mountain become only visible in the imagination of the craziest adventurers. Few attempts have been made to describe a route up the mountain, only a few people crazy enough managed and actually make their way back down. But the descriptions of the path up never made sense to the next person crazy enough to attempt the journey. Pord Aramdir, the only adventurer to climb the mountain twice and survive, claims the rocks at the base of the mountain peak shift and change, and thus that the path is never the same.
Not only the treacherous paths, but also the tales of a Great Beast living on Mount Mavvon keeps most people away from the peak. The Great Beast of Mount Mavvon, or the Guardian of Mavvon, is said to be a creature with mystical powers. Aramdir claims it is the Guardian of Mavvon who changes the paths and makes it so hard to climb the mountain. Aramdir even claims to have seen a glimpse of the Guardian. Many other travellers have also claimed to have seen the Great Beast. Some say it looks like a tiger, others say it looks like a goat, and yet others say it looks like both. Whether the Guardian is malicious or benevolent is not clear, but since even the Rurzani, the nomadic people living in the mountains, leave the mountain be, it is best to give heed to their example.

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