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Located on the banks of the Gar River, Baslin used to be the capital city of Garyiala for many years, until Emperor Orrend of the Aldria dynasty moved the capital west to Asrila in 1457 SD, a more central location in the ever-expanding empire. Today, Baslin is both an important port city as well as a centre of knowledge. Baslin University, one of the most prestigious universities in Garyiala and one of the oldest in the world, is situated here.

Timber trade

A little north of Baslin lies Hillabor town, on the edge of Hillabor forest. Solely known for its logging industry, Hillabor supplies much of northern Garyiala with kambor wood. From Hillabor, timber is transported to Baslin, from where it is transported up and down the Gar river. This important trade route is an ancient one which is clear from the old partial wood and stone road between Baslin and Hillabor.

Centre of education

Baslin has been a centre for education for many centuries. Several scholastic sanctums were located in and near the city before they were dissolved by the church in the mid-seventeenth century. Even before the abolishment of scholastic sanctums, colleges arose, which eventually merged together under the name Baslin University. Founded in the late eighteenth century (some historians claim 1788, while others claim 1794), Baslin University is the oldest in Garyiala. While it was not compulsory, many ancient royal advisors studied at least a few years at a scholastic sanctum, and are today graduates from BU or another university.

Kannolyn Castle Gardens

Located uphill of the Gar riverbank, the old seat of power, Kannolyn Castle, still stands strong. A combination of dark grey sandstone, kambor wood and black slate makes the castle a dark fortress against the green hill it stands on. Currently, Kannolyn Castle is still the royal residence in Baslin, but a large portion of the castle gardens has been purchased by the university. Today, it is open to the public and often used for educational purposes.
Owning Organization

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