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Bodia and Setor, and the Spirits of White Mountain

Bodia and Setor are recognized as the first Queen and King, and founders of what is now known as the Garyialan Empire. The story, of Kysan origin, is one of the oldest told in Garyiala. Many version exist, the story being verbally passed on to the next generation and only once in a while written down. The most famous and oldest versions are the ones told in Epics of the Greater Past (pre-Collapse, c. 1100 BD), Book of Elevated Queens and Kings (pre-Collapse, c. 1000-600 BD), and Chronicles of the Histories (post-Collapse, c. 562 SD).
The story of Bodia and Setor takes place in the lands of Qual during the Twilight Era. The exact location of Qual is unknown. It is presumed that it was located in eastern Garyiala on the northern side of the Gar river, but this is still heavily debated amongst scholars. Nonetheless, most Garyialans identify as Qualan and claim descent from the people of Qual.

The first Queen and King

While all version differ slightly in telling, the story goes as follows. Bodia was the daughter of a chandler, herbalist or hedge witch. She had a vast knowledge of herbs and was a skilled potion-maker for her age. Setor was the son of a farmer, carpenter or blacksmith. He was a strong and crafty lad, as often getting himself into trouble as being praised for his hard work.
Bodia and Setor lived in villages in different parts of the land, but would soon meet one another, for both their villages were suffering from disease and famine, and both set out on a journey to White Mountain to ask the Spirits for aid.
On their journeys Bodia and Setor realized not only their villages were suffering, but the whole of Qual. Both did all they could to help people on their way. Bodia made concoctions for the sick and dying, and Setor worked the fields and lend a strong hand wherever hands were short.
Occasionally, their paths crossed and eventually they decided to travel the last leg of their journey together. And thus, they made their way north to where the legendary Spirits of White Mountain slept.
When they finally reached White Mountain, they prayed to the Spirits to help the people of Qual for they were suffering and even though they had tried to help wherever they went, it was not enough. The Spirits heard them, but instead of helping the people of Qual, they granted Bodia and Setor passage into the heart of the mountain, where the Spring of Eternity resides.
The Spirits of White Mountain had watched Bodia and Setor on their journey north and witnessed all the aid they had given the people of Qual, and thus deemed them worthy to drink from the spring. The Spirits granted Bodia and Setor the power to unite all the people of Qual and put an end to their suffering. And so, Bodia and Setor became the first Queen and King of the land of Qual.
Kysan is the Garyialan folk religion, its origin likely dating back to before the Twilight collapse. Kysan revolves around “spirits” called nelin, which are believed to inhabit the living world in an unseeable form and only rarely make themselves visible to mortals.


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