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Northern Lands

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"Do you wanna know where do your nightmares live? If you want, then take a ride to the Northern Lands"
— A random person talking about this area
If a strange voices talking from your back, DO NOT TALK THEM BACK
— Popular saying.
    The Northern Lands, also known as Northern Territories are one of the areas of Moskova that's considered Wildlands. Like all Wild Lands, the Northern Territories are territory of untamed nature as well as supernatural creatures. It is the northernmost division of Moskova, and is close to the Pole.


The Northern Lands have several kinds of reliefs, such as plains and mountains. The most prominent geographical accident is the Tundra Branch of the Sentinel Mountains, which is the northernmost and also most mysterious branch of this whole mountain range and it has some volcanoes.   Due to it's high latitude, some areas of the Northern Lands experiment phenomena such as the Midnight Sun and the the Eternal Night, as well as a middle point between them both in Autumn and Spring. The Northern Lands are the natural area of the Northern Lights also called Aurora Borealis.   This territory is also the coldest area of the whole kingdom, as the highest temperatures in summer do not surpass the 10⁰C.  


The main environment of this area is the Tundra, a kind of biome which is dry and cold. The most common forms of vegetation are short and hard grass, small bushes and lichens. The soil is mostly permafrost. Some animals that can be found in this area are reindeers, deers, bisons, hawks and polar bears in the land, while seagulls, seals and walruses can be found in the sea. Regarding humans, some reindeer breeder tribes can be found.   Going to the North is possible find another kind of biome, called the Eternal Ices, In which both land and water tend to be frozen most part of the year. Some material living beings that can be found are animals like polar bears, belugas and walruses, but this area also inhabited by Demons, in an even higher proportion than the southern tundra.

Localized Phenomena


Perturbing voices

The Perturbing voices are some of the most feared phenomena that happens in the Northern Land, specially in the Tundra Branch of the Sentinel Mountains. This phenomenon is of a supernatural origin and discussed nature, but most people agree that evil Demons are its most possible authors.   The Perturbing voices get stronger by going North, and affect mostly solitary voyagers but they can cause troubles among traveling groups of people. While being alone in the tundra, people hear whispers from their back from no visible emissary. These voices are associated believed to cause madness, untrusting and pathological greed among other effects.
Inside the Prison of Fire and Ice

"Why are you still caring about her? She's immature and hinders your plans, you'd be better just by yourself".   "Wouldn't you like to have this treasure all for yourself? Think about all the fortune you'd have, how famous and prosperous you'd be. Without sharing nothing to no one".   "You're dumb, you're silly. You can't do it, stop insisting."
— Some of the misleading things said by, possibly Demons
  The place where the Perturbing voices are strongest is inside the Prison of Fire and Ice {Alioth's cage}, a volcano in the Tundra Branch of the Sentinel Mountains close to the Eternal Ices, where Alioth is trapped down. Their purpose is mislead the adventurers for preventing them to reach the chamber where the Star is locked by making them to show off the worst and darkest traits of theirselves. This is basically the reason why no adult human who had tried to free the Star could get back alive.


This area is not actually touristical one since it is tough for living. The South of the Tundra is inhabited by some tribes that have some contact with Moskovar people, while the North is uninhabited by humans, as is domain of nature and Supernatural Beings. However, some explorers dare to adventure to far in the Far North of the tundra motivated by some legends, risking their lives. One of these legends is the Tale of The Lost Northern Stars as the trips motivated by this story have the purpose of freeing the Firebird from her prison. None of those travelers had returned alive.
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Alternative Name(s)
The last frontier, the end of the world, the northern territories
Ruling/Owning Rank
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Inhabiting Species
Political Divisions of Moskova
The Kingdom of Moskova is divided in several administrative units.
  • Provinces: Locally known as "Oblasts".
  • Territories: They have the same political status as provinces but the difference is that them were more recently acquired.
  • Northern Lands and Domains: These are also called "Wild Lands" and are territories that are claimed by Moskova but couldn't get an official status yet because their population and amount of settlements is small or because them are mostly unexplored due to their natural and supernatural dangers. Each domain is gets its name thanks to it most recognizable or most common animal species.

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