The Valley of Bones

The last time anyone ever entered this valley, they never left.
— What everyone says
  The name is neither figurative language nor exaggerating in any sense. This narrow ravine nestled between Mt. Brign and Mt. Sinerley is practically buried in bones of all kinds, each dripping with memories and curses and stolen treasure. At noon, when the sun breaks over the mountains and peers brightly into its rotting expanse, it glitters, shinning like all the potential it has swallowed over the years, adding to its vast stores. Lost gems and forgotten treasures lay in the decaying bones of whatever thief stole them and died in their escape. Some still claim their ghosts linger, waiting for another to try and claim what they took and take revenge themselves.  

Rumors grow like weeds in skulls

  Unfortunately, this valley is currently the only known safe passage through The Impassable North, set right in its center, unguarded and wide open to use. But its paths remain almost completely untouched through the years.   Dededad has developed quite the reputation, through rumors and superstition lingering, trapped in the valleys many skeletal hands. Those that enter find nothing but death, another set of bones to add to the valley's collection. With the number of mysterious disappearances in the area mounting, any doubt of the Valley's power fades away softly.
Just go around, It's better. My great uncle once removed went through there. No one knows what happened to him, he just dropped off the map completely. Myrtle thinks he's down in Hutor somewhere with a bottle of beer but i don't think so. I think the Valley got him
"You know, that valley is for thieves. Only thieves can make it through alive. Are you really sure you wanna test that out?"   "But I heard all those bones came from thieves?"   "Uhh.."
Currently, the only people brave enough to use the valley are those who have absolutely no other option: Thieves, murderers, and criminals. These people sneak through in the dead of night, navigating the bare rivers between the piles with relative ease, avoiding the large cobwebs and giant claw marks hinting at the other...Things... trapped within the bones with them. They don't care, they don't want to know, they just want to make it through alive.

What stays the night, stays forever

As I have mentioned before, in addition to the truly overwhelming number of bones, there is a treasure beyond your wildest dreams. If the rumors are to be trusted, mountains of gold are spilling onto the few, thin walkways left, decorated with stones larger than an Orcish fist, each of more vivid and diverse colors than the last. At noon, the whole place lights up just like the Glass Cliffs, a kaleidoscopic display. And yet, none of it is ever swept up with the thieves in their escape. There is a generally known fact: If a thing, you included, spends the night in the valley, It will never leave again, not for all the power of the Zii. It belongs to Dededad then, and Dededad will keep it.
What you go- Are you insane! Put that back. Don't touch anything, you fool, do you want to die?! We're testin' fate enough as it is, just being here, it don't help you trying to steal from Dededad! Mett! You don't take anything, Not a single coin. I promise It's not worth your life.

An opportunity

I- I have to go. We need the medicine for my lungs and there is just no way you can go with your work. besides, it would take away from your game night. I'll be fine, you always say superstitions are silly anyway. I'll go and make it back before the next morning, don't worry. Tell Markus I love him, and don't forget to read him a bedtime story... I love you, you know, I always have.
— someone in a bad situation, trapped by the love of family and a need for escape

But where there is a curse, there is also a Charleton. As is true almost everywhere else, the northeast is filled with many people who want to walk out on their families or hide from the authorities or an overbearing mother-in-law, or even leave a bad situation. In this case, many see the valleys curse and see an opportunity. It is not totally uncommon for people to feign travel through the valley under the guise of a medical emergency or some other unavoidable circumstance only to vanish, supposedly swallowed by Dededad, another person not to listen to the warnings. Once done, the person is free to do and go where they will without fear of being pursued by whatever was keeping them trapped.

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I really like all your quotes and the way you've formatted this. Your last section is sad, but well thought-out. Good job!

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