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Dragon's Maw

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Located in the depths of the Attacana Desert in Dorneath lies the Dragon's Maw. A huge sinkhole crater formed many hundreds of years ago when a pocket of gas collapsed and began emitting harmful and unpleasant gases. As the area was relatively uninhabbited this was not an issue, so people that knew of the dangers left the area alone and it was marked on many maps of the location.   The crater is roughly 550 feet wide and approxiamately 150 feet deep and has many names, including the Dragon's Maw, Gateway to the Underworld and Mouth of the Devil.   Many years after this landmark was formed there was a small battle involving members of two tribes, one of which had a sorcerer. In the thick of this combat the spellcaster summoned a potent fireball that killed the chief of the opposing tribe. The impact pushed him over the edge and into the toxic, flammable gas, instantly igniting the fumes. The resulting conflaguration incinerated the two opposing forces and only one man survived to tell the tale.   Badly burned and barely clinging to life this lone survivor managed to limp for a week to the nearest town, to describe the events with his dying breath. The residents of this town then sent out a party to investigate what happened, and came upon the still smouldering, burned out corpses, a sight that paled in comparison to the inferno now facing them. Yet these were no normal flames, due to certain elements in the soil the fire burned a pale green, giving rise to many superstitious theories and myths as to the cause of such a bizzare phenomenon.   As the horrfied party gazed upon the ghastly sight before them, some broke down, fearful that the unusual colour meant that the blaze had consumed the souls of the unfortunate victims. Calling the scorching pit cursed and terrified they may befall the same fate, they fled the scene and travelled home as fast as they could. Word of the horrific sight spread rapidly and the crater was deemed off limits, in fear of what could happen if anyone were to stray too close.


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