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Dead Sun's Arcadia

Dead Sun's Arcadia (Or, Arcadia to it's inhabitants) is a floating island situated within the gas giant of Shangri. The intense pressures, freezing atmosphere, and inhospitable weather conditions make it's existence a perfect impossibility.   At least, to modern technology.   The planet's unique position within Drillspace was, at least at the time, an ideal location to study Psionics. The flow of Metaspace around the area was low, allowing for finer control while also lowering the risk to studying persons. It was for that purpose, therein, that a since lost to time group of Psionic users constructed The Orion Academy, a pristiene location in which one could study the art of Psionics.   The island itself is, ofcourse, entirely artificial. Floating at a depth unreachable by conventional methods, it was an expanse of land aproximately 1.3 kilometers squared, suspended through technology originally used to shield star ships and keep gas giant refineries in operational order. The land harvested and brought by slow-ship, and it's decent monitored by teams of psichics.   It's secrecy was thusly; There were rumblings in the wider sectors of Anti-Psionic Movements - arguing that humanity had become overdependant on psionic phenomena (which, it turned out, was not far from incorrect). This island was to act as an ark - Not only a school of study, but a place of protection for budding psionicists and as a store of the accumulation of all knowledge into the psionic dicipline. It was an archive of the Metasympathetic.   After the Scream, the islands exact location was lost - and along with it, the truth of it's existance. It is nowadays considered to be an Old Wife's Tale - A dogwhistle for psionics fears - and overall just an impossibility for something to survive over 600 years within the core of a gas giant. At any rate, if Arcadia does exist, the belief of some lost Psionics academy is but dust to historians, as it was likely destroyed in the Scream. But a few dying psionics destroyed so much; imagine a whole school of them.


The island is an artificially created platform, however it looks as if it were plucked from the ground. Outside of the bubble of it's protective shield, clouds roll over the surface - but it's interaction with the shield provides a constant source of light. The biosphere is carefully controlled by computers and cultivators to ensure that the atmosphere stays oxygen rich. Water is cracked from the atmosphere, and flows from a pipe outside of the shield into an artificial river, which in turn flows through a resevoir. Waste water is simply discarded to the atmosphere.   The shifting blue and grey clouds appear as constant swirls overhead, the conventional view of a sky lost to all inhabitants.


All non-human life on the planet has since died out, however plant life persists. It is one of the final places in the universe where some Earth species can be found, most notibly the Carrot. A Blight in 3011 decimated the last Papayas, but the remaining crops persist.   The grass is hewed an off-green, as the light provided by the electrical interaction above is not synonymous with a blue atmosphere.

Ecosystem Cycles

The system is wholly artificial. Attempts to include a snow system were met with denial, as the risk to the bubble's integrity was deemed too great. There is also no day-night cycle, simply a constant time.

Localized Phenomena

On occasion, the bubble can see the effects of unusual weather within the gas giant, lightning licking off the interior like an inside-out plasma ball. Beyond this, the simple variations in the cloud movements overhead are all that are of note.
Alternative Name(s)
Arcadia, The Psionic's Refuge
Island, Floating
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