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Prompt 7: Haxian Rift

Ain't no one foolish enough to go near the Haxian Rift. Defiantly not at night when the lights and fog rolls in. Even if you were to say that their be gold in that rift. No one will go to that place  as the fear of death has been etched into the bones of all who call the frozen lands home.
    The Haxian Rift is a rift or gorge cut deep into the ice floor of the frozen lands. It is believed to be a dark void that leads into the heart of the world. No one knows how far down the rift goes as very few have attempted to go down it or even near it. At night strange lights come from within the rift that can be seen in the distance.   Those who get to near the rift at night end up disappearing as if swallowed up by the rift. There's even tales of strange sounds drawing people toward the rift only to be grabbed by an unknown shadow. What is known is that many camps and villages near the Rift would end up abandoned.


A deep chasm that cuts into the ice. It's walls are perfectly smooth leaving no way to climb down without equipment. So deep that all light is swallowed up by the darkness within.


Not much is known about the Haxian rift that isn't based around tall tales. Though what can be confirmed is that the founding of Salire occurred before the Haxian Rift was formed. Before the end of the first Decedent war the first crack that would begin the formation of the Haxian Rift would occur. Swallowing up an unlucky traveler who couldn't be saved.
Another foolish group of adventurers tried to explore the Haxian Rift. With no sign of the leader of this group or his team, it is believed they were once again a victim of the curse. So far only one person has ever survived going their and that man currently has a permanent home in the Asylum.  - The Salire Times
Gorge / Rift

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