Black Falls Cavern

Black Falls Cavern, also known as the Forbidden Cave or Forbidden Caves, lies underneath Justice Peak in the sphinx settlement Naminx. In sphinx mythology, it is said to be the entrance to the Underworld.   It has been forbidden to enter since the founding of Naminx. The myth of the Genesis of the Sphinxes tells that it is cursed by the gods to keep anyone from entering, because it contains the remnants of the human souls which the sphinx race were created from, and only humanity's curses are leftover.   Despite its illegality, some sphinxes have ventured inside for various reasons. Their accounts are not considered very reliable, but details such as the blood-red walls, anomalous echoes and descriptions of unidentifiable subterranean plants do tend to line up. Out of those who have been inside, a small number disappeared, and nearly half became ill soon afterwards.   The most famous and detailed account was of Komara, a teenager who sneaked in with her boyfriend, only for the two of them to never find the way out again. She kept a detailed diary which was found along with their bodies many years later. No-one could never explain why they could not find the exit, as it is easy to see from where their bodies were found.

Localized Phenomena

The deepest part of the cavern, where the fabled Underworld entrance is thought to be located, has many different unsettling stories attached to it, to the point where it's thought to be haunted. Tales include mysterious symbols on the walls, seeing ghosts, and temporary madness.


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3 Jul, 2021 14:28

Ooo - sounds very interesting, and I love the idea of the potential path to the Underworld in there somewhere :D

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