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The Flooded Forest

The Flooded Forest is a region in Southwest Lialin, now within the borders of Theolin. The forest itself lines the foothills of one of the outer mountain ranges, and despite what the name implies, is not normally flooded. It is prone, however, to flash flooding, particularly after the seasonal rains that flow down the mountainsides.   This forest was decimated during the Summer of Storms. Occasionally, one can still find a lone ancient oak, or the remnants of some greater tree, but for now the forest is dominated by quaking aspens. Wildlife that is ground-bound is scarce, with birds and tree rodents dominating the ecosystem. Ground foliage is scarcer, leading to a deceptively clear walking path inviting tourists or travelers to venture through it, and enjoy the brilliant yellows and golds of the tree leaves in late summer.   That has likely led to part of the forest's name, given how many people go missing in its confines every year. Caught unaware by the floods, travelers can be carried off by the sudden torrents, drowned, or trapped in the trees or outcroppings they try to shelter in.   Given the forest sheds its leaves with the seasons, it becomes especially foreboding during the winter months. As this is also usually when any remains are found from the season's casualties, it's sometimes referred to as The Stone Man's forest.   Different villages associate different tales with the forest. Some see it as a shelter for the lost souls that travel on the wind, the place where all spirits go after being freed in their burial ceremony. Others see the forest as a malicious thing, a hungry thing, though it's often debated if those tales are more meant to scare small children and foreigners - they were particularly common during the revolution, when locals would warn any loyal Orelli forces of dangerous beasts that must stalk those trees.
forest near body of water by Nathan Anderson
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)

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Cover image: by Zac Cain


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