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The continent that should not exist. Borea is an island with a few smaller isles splintering to the south, located north east of the Besira chain islands, south east of the frozen continent of Frostbeck and north west if Lykoto. This island continent is a geographical impossibility, with it being situated directly on multiple tectonic plate boundaries and it not actually having any foundation in Iaxovar. Some have attributed this to the realms leylines, with magi such as Adrudel theorising that this supernatural phenomenon is located on a convergence zone between multiple leylines. This theory is encouraged by some prominent druid circles of the region surrounding Borea, including the Khazadui Wildfire Druids and their leader Karzak. Other myths surrounding the continent are scribed in parchments and scrolls found in the ruins of the progenitor races. One particularly crucial myth on Borea's origins does not have text in any known language or scripture. These are a series of carvings within the subterranean ruins of an ancient city, once inhabited by the elder races. The images carved here depict a largescale war, but not of Iaxovar. Another map is crudely chiselled into the rock face, seemingly of another realm, with some sections appearing similar to Iaxovar. A series of images show volleys of projectiles raining from the skies, crashing to the earth below. The next image displays a crater with a mountain range behind it, while a humanoid, writhing with excess appendages stands tall. The same humanoid is then seen in combat with the elder race, while the final mural shows a chasm opening in the sky, but the final carving has been eroded away, leaving only the legend of Borea in the hearts of schoar and explorers.


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