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Guines Mountain Range

The Guines mountain range is a mostly curved section of mountain curving around Emswort on Murriet. This range protects and isolates Emswort, separating it from Berkham in the northwest, Darter in the northeast, and Tiveley in the southeast. A smaller offshoot of this range stretches into Darter itself.  


The earliest records of humanity on Poneren is high in the hills at the edge of the Guines Mountains, at Guines. This was the capital of Emswort and the center of all government and knowledge for many years.   The mountains created a barrier, with humanity spreading down the hills toward the ocean in the southwest, but not venturing deeper into the mountainous terrain until Darter Emswort explored it and discovered a pass to the northeast, opening up the verdant terrain of Darter.   The pass itself was still difficult journey so while travel and trade between the two were possible and encouraged, both were rare.  


With the earliest recorded history high in the hills beneath the mountains, the mountains themselves are rumored to be the source of life. This rumor has led to myriad myths of creator gods and life-bringing healing properties in that area.


A rough mountainous range, most of this terrain around Emswort is impassable. The range stretching into Darter is less harsh and a few small settlements exist within its confines.
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