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Darter Emswort

King Darter Emswort


Early Years

Darter Emswort was the younger son of the third king of Emswort. Born mere seconds after his older brother, Darter never envied his brother and the throne the older boy was likely to have. The pair were inseparable as children, getting into standard fights but always standing with each other against anything anyone else said about either of them.   Darter was more interested in books and learning than his brother, whom did better with the more physical aspects of being a prince.  

Young Adult

On finishing his schooling, while his brother was crowned king, Darter spent a lot of his time continuing his studying in the Library of Guines. He had a dream of visiting the stars, and specialized in astronomy and physics, but could never quite stack up to the other scientists at work. Whether they tolerated him because he was prince, or if they actually saw ability in him that he wasn't quite able to fulfil, he was never sure.   The lack of success in his role at the Library however sparked an interest in exploring not the stars, but the world around them. There was a lot of land on the small continent they were confined upon. Darter hoped to find something on it to both help the people, and (after a fateful disasterous rocketry accident) bring a love for him back to the people of his home.  


His early exploration was fruitless, with a fear to wander too far from the safety of everything he had known. After recognizing the fruitlessness of exploring with a safety net, he left it behind, and left expecting to not return for years.   Years did pass before he returned, but in that time he found a way through the mountain range that surrounded Emswort and discovered a lush landscape on the other side. Bringing back exotic minerals and stories, he planned to return and set up a more permanent settlement on the other side of the mountains.  

As Ruler

Darter intended to continue the trek across the mountains, but after a few such journies was convinced that he should remain with the new settlement. As it grew around him, the people on his side of the mountains forgot the mistakes he had made and began to see how well he led them, so they wanted to make him king. Out of fondness for his brother, the king of Emswort agreed, splitting the nation into two.   Unable to retain the Emswort family name as king of a new kingdom, Darter changed his name to Emswort Darter. He made his share of mistakes as king, but the good he did outweighed it. His grandson continued as king in his stead, having learned well from the old man.  


During his time of exploration, Darter had fallen ill. Although he recovered, his lungs were never fully healed from the ordeal. At the age of 73, he died of pneumonia and was mourned by two nations.  


On the burning of the Library of Guines and the subsequent purging of knowledge, the details of Darter's life were lost. All that remained were legends and myths. In them all he continued to be well loved and admired.

Mental characteristics


Raised as the younger prince, Darter had access to all of the knowledge and priveleges availabe to Emswort. He received a solid education not only in government and law, but also in all of the social skills and graces expected of royalty and any of the sciences he could desire.   Darter's favorite subject was astronomy, and he consumed any and all information about the stars that he could find.


A prince, even a younger one, has little requirement to find gainful employment. Darter chose initially to serve the people by researching a path to the stars, but eventually left Emswort and became a king in his own right.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Failed rocketry experiments

Morality & Philosophy

Darter generally lived by the philosophy that he was no better than the people around him. While he occasionally made minor abuses of his power and position, for the most part he treated people well, many better than they deserved.

Darter's Journey Map

Date of Birth
5th of Midwinter, 88th Year of Emswort
220 EA 147 EA
Circumstances of Birth
Younger of twin sons
Circumstances of Death
Muddy Grey
Short, unkempt, dusty brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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