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Bay of Mecko

Fullent, the capital of Tiveley lays in the southern end of the land of Tiveley on the Bay of Mecko.   The bay itself is a large body of saltwater. With land on the north, south, and eastern edges, it is protected from the worst of the weather that blows in from the ocean, but still has easy access to the ocean.  


The main plantlife in the Bay of Mecko is largely as expected in a temperate ocean climate, seaweed being the main plant life found in the depths.  


Near the shores and some of the closer areas around Fullent, many edible fish of a varaiety of types can be found. Deeper, a few larger fish live, as well as some more dangerous sea creatures.  


A couple of major islands with a variety of tiny islands dot the bay. Once Tiveley becomes more comfortable with water travel, these islands become villages and then cities themselves.  

Naval Travel

During the early ages of magic, naval travel is desired, but not commonly successfully achieved. The constantly changing nature of water causes difficulties for magic. Even when magicians cast spells around the water, they often find the spell quickly doesn't act as expected.   For example, a flight spell may expect to allow someone to fly at a given height, but with the waves of water, that height is constantly changing. Or perhaps that height ends up being over the ground, creating a wet magician.   Tiveley attempts to create a navy, but does not succeed well until science is again accepted.
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