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Binkley Farm - 428-572

The Binkley family farm has been a family of farmers for generations. When Ashton Binkley, Sr. married his wife Raimena Binkley, the land was still being worked by his father, Hagen Binkley. As a gift to the newlyweds, he helped build them a new home.   The couple claimed a lot of land near that of his parents, backing onto some forest and built their home in a small alcove in the trees. This gave them easy access to a few large fields in the area, but also protected them from the harsher winter winds. As time passed, sections of the originally wooden exterior were replaced with stonework to better support and protect the family.   The first Binkley family with six children and one nephew was the largest to live in this home. One of Ashton's grandchildren took care of the home when he passed away, and it passed down the family line a couple more times, skipping generations.   By the late 500s, after nearly a century and a half of being loved by the Binkley family, the building had become too old and was no longer able to be maintained. By that time, the forest had been cut back with gardens and a small field added, so when the home was torn down a new Binkley family home was built up in the new treeline a ways further to the east.

Purpose / Function

The home for members of the Binkley family for several generations.


The original wood exterior was replaced with stonework over its lifetime. This compromised the structure, requiring additional reinforcement in the early 500s to prevent the 2nd story and roof from collapsing.


Founding Date
Parent Location


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