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Binkley Home

A small hut, the home where Ameron Binkley was born and spent the first two years of his life. It was a small, two-room structure with a main living room with two small cots and a seating area by the fire, and a separate room for cooking and studies.   It burned down in 445, with Ameron and Corus, his cat, being the only two survivors discovered by Nicholas Maeder and the other men in the area. Ameron's parents did survive, but believing the burning to be the work of the Teles Order, they thought it would be safer for Ameron if he were raised by his uncle Ashton, and safer for themselves if nobody knew they were still alive. After the house burned down, the ruins were left for many years with the forest growing in around it until the house could no longer be seen from the road. Ameron visited years later, hoping to find some connection to his past. The building had been completely demolished in the fire, and by the time the boy, then a man, returned, nothing was found. He had to search for hours before he was even able to find the ruined foundation under a layer of leaves and dirt.   Otherwise, of the few people that did pass by, none noticed enough to stop.

Purpose / Function

This was a home built by Dorem Binkley for his wife and child. The family lived simply, focusing their time on their research, so a small two-room structure was enough.
Parent Location


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