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The Rusty Axe

An old tavern near the center of Antina, The Rusty Axe has been popular with a number of city workers and old families of Antina.   The tavern is open any time, although during the early hours of the morning the barkeep has been known to need to be woken to serve. The breakfast and dinner menus are generally larger, with lunch being simple, although the exact menus depend on a variety of factors.

Purpose / Function

Initially it was a central gathering place and the sole supplier of pre-cooked food in the area. Eventually, it became just another tavern in town.


The Rusty Axe was created early in the history of Poneren, roughly around the time of the discovery of magic. Shortly after the founding of Tiveley and Antina became a minor settlement, The Rusty Axe filled a much-needed hole in the town: a common meeting spot and place that good food could be found and, when needed, a bed could be rented.   As Antina grew and became more populated, the tavern continued to be popular. Once the town was large enough that the government moved into the Antina town hall, The Rusty Axe continued as an informal meeting place and common gathering spot in the evenings.   With the explosion of growth, The Rusty Axe was no longer capable of servicing the entire town, and became just another tavern in the crowd, but its clientele remained loyal with families continuing to make the trek across town regularly.   In the early 400s, however, after an uninterupted string of ownership in the Axe's family line, the tavern was inherited by a son whom wanted nothing to do with the business. He sold it, and it changed hands a few times over the next few decades. Eventually, with all of the changes the new owners brought, it lost its long-term patrons and was unable to attract enough new customers, forcing its closure.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
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