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Answers to this prompt

Bradstowe Castle

by tjtrewin

Gate of the Ancestors

by Tillerz

The Submerged Museum

by Naelin

Skoldstad Ruins

by Lyraine Alei

Alaria's Memory

by SoulLink

Grik's Bend

by RiverFang

Copper Cliff

by Rashkavar

Zanzunu Tower

by David_Ulph

Acaren Monument

by Frogdrake


by TheSolitaryGamer

The Shuimor Shipyard Caves

by Michael Chandra

City of Graves

by Eallixy

ENACorp Factory

by Sayshara

Temple of Araushnee-in-Shadow

by FiveFootSquare

The Hall of the Voices

by eccbooks

Fortress of the Swamp Queen

by invadersforever

Southwestern Missile Base

by Kaleidechse

The Ruins of The First Academy...

by JHB1993

Kohtil's Palace

by Urania


by rudysb9

Shrine of Levar

by LauraVAB

Volkel Air Base

by Michael Chandra

agmint ace lor /ˈaːgmint aːˈke...

by Lillithwolf

Barnside Farm

by Monkos

Binkley Home

by SilikG

Castle Stânweall

by LordEnerjak

Cave of Yadaamkaasom

by IndigoPenumbra

Dachaigh Ghlic

by Valcin


by Racussa

Eirrat's Pyramid

by Lady Grayish


by Jacob-W

Flosaltu Research Outpost

by NorthWhiteWolf


by Alresu

Gevera Chapel

by RogueOfSpoons

Kassdin-Daymore Bridge

by frotierkilla

Kaynağı Hava

by xtremepsy

Klanni Temple

by [email protected]


by Crimson107

Masela's Underwater Temple Rui...

by Shell Mel

Moon Nexus

by MEnvoy

Norisander Island Military Bas...

by The Nine/9


by allfatherstoco

Old Wizards Eye

by DMMyali

Palace Ruins - Lvl 5, The Spri...

by StarlilyQueen

River fort

by Laurabones

Ruinas de Altea

by R3gulinchi

Ruined Ship

by liteninglazer

Seal of the Fourth Eye

by Klaus78

Simulacra XXI Century Memorial

by deadsteve21


by Anpumes

Temple of Callirutos

by Tris

Temple of Silence

by amelianite

The Aged Hall of Manir

by Worldkeymaster

The Athenaeum of Aegeus

by Delagard

The Beacon

by bradybgeary

The Blade of Sehella

by Quilitain

The Corydon University Lightho...

by Drogan_Wolf

The Decrepit Mythgenerator

by soaptoaster

The Fading Citadel

by AlphaHero023

The Hollyhead Zurenova

by Nightflyer0ne

The Krozs ruins

by BasicDragon

The labyrinth of Crete

by RebeccaB

The Lost Temple of Zask

by RPGDinosaurBob

The Muirise Barrows

by Moondare

The Urlorid

by รเг չ๒єคг

The Wastelands.

by Haloeye

The Watchtowers of I'llumna

by jmcninja

Time's Lighthouse

by CoffeeQuills

White Dragon Spire

by Pop-Tarturus

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