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Living in the depths of the Bay of Mecko lives the mythical Tyranha. While people of Poneren generally avoid the water, a few brave souls have ventured out away from the shores and into the depths of the bay. Fewer of these brave souls have returned, with some of the survivors of these voyages telling stories of the Tyranha.   The Tyranha is rumored to be a huge sea creature with a long sinuous neck and longer winding tail. The shipwrecks reported said the tail slashed out of the water and broke the ships to pieces before the creature began swallowing sailors whole.   The creature is said to attack larger objects in the water, but leaves the debris left behind alone. This is how survivors claim to have survived its attacks--climbing atop wooden wreckage got them out of the water. Although the creature reportedly should be able to get its head out of the water to attack people in this position, it appears to be content on just feasting on the sailors in the water.   Little is known on if the creature is real or how much the rumors about this creature are true. The population of this species, if it even exists, is expected to be very small.

Basic Information


Rumored to have a row of spines down the back and large fangs. It's assumed to have four fins to produce enough push to propel the creature through the water.   Its neck and tail both are capable of being moved independently.

Ecology and Habitats

This creature lives in the depths of the water, but can move to the top water shallows. It's unknown if this creature exists out of the Bay of Mecko.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Tyranha is a carnivore, generally eating smaller animals in the water. Apparently it can attack things on the water and eat land creatures when they're within range.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Not believed to be intelligent
Average Length
Unknown, estimated well over 100 feet.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Rumored to be shades of green to grey.
Geographic Distribution


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