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Hall of the Gods

Hall of the Gods is the topmost peak of the highest mountain of the Guines mountain range. While gods are often considered to live all along the range, this is the location most often given as the home and most common dwelling-place of the most powerful of them.   With the paths to the top peak being choices between straight cliffs, overhangs, or jagged and sharp spires amid constant freezing air and strong winds, nobody has successfully made the ascent to either prove or disprove this supposition.   Pilgrims from across Murriet come to the lowest part of the mountain, beneath the cliffs and overhangs with regularity. A few brave or foolhardy souls attempt to trek higher on the mountain rarely. Most are lost and their remains never recovered. The rest are found at the site of their demise and returned to their family with honor for their attempts.   It is said that the god or gods living in the hall will grant the request of anyone brave and strong enough to reach them. It is said that the gods have promises of knowledge of the future available for anyone willing to come take them.   Even with magical assistance, neither has ever happened. The general belief that the top is unreachable and the physical limitations the harsh elements bring prevent pilgrims from getting anywhere near.


None. The frigid light air and lack of any form of nutrient or liquid water prevents anything from surviving for very long on the peak.

Localized Phenomena

Near-constant wind blows. Occasional snows fall, but most clouds are too low to drop any precipitation on this peak.

Fauna & Flora

Mountain / Hill
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