The Mountain Creator

The history of humanity on Poneren starts at Guines, high in the hills nestled deep in the Guines mountains. There is no history before this time, recorded or otherwise, only rumors that humanity came from even further up.   Different regions have conflicting views on these gods. Emswort and Darter tend to believe in a single creator god whom created everything. While Emswort tends toward the belief that the god is still watching over the world created, Darter tends to believe that the god is elsewhere.   There is unexpectedly little conflict over the beliefs taken about the mountain gods, however. In a land of magic where it appears anything can be true, most people seem to be willing to accept that conflicting beliefs aren't always contradictory and that seemingly contradictory beliefs can both be true.


Creator gods live in the mountains, having created humanity and everything else around.

Historical Basis

Coming from the stars, "further up" is correct. But the mountains themselves were not the origin of humanity.


The myth is known widely and commonly believed.

Variations & Mutation

The types and names of the creator gods, how many of them and what they were responsible for creating differ, but in all myths, these gods were (or still are) living high in the mountains.

Cultural Reception

Well accepted, different regions hold strongly to the variants on this belief.
Date of First Recording
Date of Setting
Distant Past


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