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Beechton is a small town in Berkham named for the trees in the area, not for the ocean it is situated on.   The initial settlemenet created when scentifically-minded people began to migrate out of Emswort, Beechton was too close to the Emswort border and too easily raided to feel like a safe haven. After the first raid, the more academically inclined people fled further north along the coast, settling at a more distant and defensable location. Those that were inclined to defend their way of life, or those willing to be paid to do so stayed in Beechton, as a military settlement that was more readily able to be defended than other areas along the western coast of Berkham.   As Beechton was the most known settlement of Berkham to the rest of the people on Murriet, and since the people of Berkham were looked down on, "Beechie" started to become a slang insult for anyone that veered off the standard expectations and beliefs of the populace.


Mostly consisting of military people, soldiers or scientists and inventors with a military focus, there are also a few supporting settlers that opt to find their way in Beechton instead of the safer and more comfortable locations further north.


The ocean to the west and quickly difficult mountainous terrain to the east make Beechton a natural choke point preventing easy access to the softer areas of Berkham further north.   The settlement itself is protected with palisades, while a string of towers have been built up into the mountains to prevent the town from being snuck around, with cleared paths making approach from the northern side to these towers easier.   Various technological advances are in use to protect the area.


Bordered by the ocean to the west, east quickly increases in elevation. Beech trees dot the area, but the rough terrain keeps their density down and allows good visibility for large groups that may approach from the south.
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