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Darter Pass

The easiest pass in the mountains between Emswort and Darter, Darter Pass is named after Darter Emswort, the explorer who discovered this route through the mountains to the eastern part of Murriet.   High in the mountains, the pass is covered in snow for much of the year, but for a few months in the year the area is freed of snow, giving breathtaking views of the patchy mountain tops down into the lush valleys below. The trek through the mountains, even though the easiest route, is still dangerous and seldom traversed by any but the most adventurous of explorers. These explorers, however, return to civilization with stories of beautiful waterfalls taller than buildings, trees filling the valleys with heavenly scents, and wildlife unafraid of man.


A pass between Emswort and Darter, this is the lowest area in the mountain range that connects the two parts of the continent. Passing east/west, higher peaks tower above to the north and south, some remaining snow-capped throughout the year.   The west, Emswort, is covered with conifer trees which quickly transition into deciduous, and have a large variety of trees visible. This includes some fruit-bearing trees covered in large, sweet smelling and tasting fruit.   The east, Darter, has conifers as far as the eye can see. It is less sheltered and faces harsher weather, with these trees able to take a stronger hold in these conditions.

Ecosystem Cycles

Snow covers the pass itself for much of the year, finally revealing rocky ground in the late summer before fall brings the return of snow to the area. High and harsh enough, there are few plants or creatures living in the pass itself.   Further downhill and visible from the pass are a variety of plants, the western area changing colors with the seasons while the eastern remains green year-round.
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