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Bermuda Triangle

Written by Mel'Aad
"Mel'Aad! Get in here!" A short pauze. "Bridge now!" The Kal'Ten jumped out of his chair by the message that had just played over the coms. In the half shipcycle he had been on board the ESS Happy Days, never had he been called to the bridge, let alone with this much haste. Quickly he shuts down the UDS he was reading and floats towards the bridge.
"Finally, come, quickly," The captains voice sounded agitated to say the least and Mel'Aad made his way over to the radar screens a small group of Humans were looking at. His vision went over the radar screens, which were making absolutely no sense.
"Excuse me captain Hayes, but what do you want me to look at exactly?" He asked cautiously, not wanting to anger the already agitated captain further.
"Well, can you make any sense of this radar imagery? It looks like images from the Bermuda Triangle, but I hadn't expected one out here in Beta sector."   In the end one of the cables connecting the radar screen had gotten loose when someone of the night shift had bumped into it. It had resulted in an exhausted captain who was now sitting opposite Mel'Aad in the leisure center.
"Sorry 'bout that," Ezra said with a grown, palming his face in with his hand.
"No problem captain, but I must say you've peaked my curiosity and I must ask, what is a 'Bermuda Triangle'?" Mel'Aad patted the knee of the captain, a gesture he had picked up from others in the Human crew.
"Oh, yeah that must not have made any sense," Ezra said with a smile. "It referred to part of an ocean on Earth, famous for multiple mysterious disappearances of ships and planes that went over it. For a moment I thought space had its own Devils triangle, tetrahedron?"
"And you believe that story?" Mel'Aad asked curiously.
"Well, yeah, might as well. I'd rather not get caught in some of the weird stuff going on there."
Ocean Region
Alternative name
Devil's Triangle

Place of myths

The Bermuda Triangle is a loosely defined area in the "Atlantic ocean" located on γ-F5-23, Earth. This region in the ocean is part of many myths and legend, all telling some tale about the mysterious disappearance of both ocean fairing ships as airplanes.   While many "Humans" call it superstition to believe in these myths, there are a notable number of incidents that would suggest otherwise, resulting in still quite a few "Humans" that are scared of the area and will avoid it. These "Humans" will often link places that consistently have weird measurements or other unexplained events to this Bermuda Triangle.

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Author's Notes

Thank you for reading my article and I hope you enjoyed it! Likes and comments are always greatly appreciated and feedback is more than welcome :) Please do not share my work outside of the WA site or the WA discord without consent and please tag or notify me if you dropped a link on before mentioned platforms, thanks in advance.

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