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Talrizim (Tall-rise-mh)

The Strangest lands or Orgranys are the lands of Talrizim, it is an encroachment of the The Feiry into the ecosystem of Orgranys. The area has many strange plants and animals that are not native to the planet, nor were they brought in by the colony. Some think that the diffusion of the Feiry into the region is an attempt to heal the world from the Fey's side. The biggest opinion is that such trees should not drop in a delta, for they are tall and deep rooted. The fey have also swarmed into the area, driving many of the peoples out though gnomes, elves, and halfling have been virtually undisturbed beyond the sudden change of neighbors. The wild parties often enjoyed by the fey almost drove out the halflings.


A large area formed by depositing sand and soil to form solid ground the rivers are constantly changing. Trees of immense size have appeared in the area in the last few years but have not adversely affected the area, despite not being feasible for the ground as is.


The trees brought strange new life to the placid delta that once was home to common animals such as small birds, insects, and there such creatures. The coming of the trees brought creatures of fey might like giant toads, fairy dragons, and blink hounds to the area.

Ecosystem Cycles

in the fifth and thirteenth month of nearly every year a flood come through the area bringing fertile soil and an influx of fish to the region.

Localized Phenomena

Feiry portals have appeared at many crossing and thresholds in the woods due to the change. They are actively being mapped and marked to prevent accidental travel to the Feiry.

Fauna & Flora

Many plants grew here before the Feiry, with them the area is teeming with new and beautiful plants and mighty creatures. Recently their have been reports of immense giants centipedes exceeding 20 meters in length.

Natural Resources

Soil so rich that it allows any nearly any plant to grow naturally and with the fey even unnaturally. The wood would likely be an exceptional export but the fey become violent when the trees are disturbed.
Estuary / River delta
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