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The Feiry

The courts of the Feiry are joyful of the attentions of the mortals, they bring new things, and are fun to play with. Every new thought or idea of the mortals is imprinted on the realm. The parties of the Feiry realm can even overstress mortals. There are often servants set about the parties of the kinder feiry lords who will pull mortals out of the parties for food and rest, the less-kind lords might do much less kind things to those who cannot keep up with the party. Those of the Feiry often find beautiful mortals as playthings, the offspring of these unions carry the might of the Feiry forward into the mortal world.   The dimension of the spirits of the wild, upon which the world is modeled in originality. In the Feiry you can reach any physical location simply by crossing the lands. It is even possible to travel to other worlds, though the distances beyond the bounds between worlds are toxic irradiated waste, in which few forms of life can survive beyond the shortest time. Different regions of the Feiry are ruled by different fey lords. The current fey lord of the Organys region, Orbrious the First, spends much of his time on Orgranys proper, checking on his experiments.


A verdant and unstable 'reflect' of the prime material realm. The will of beings in the Feiry can influence the world to degrees.


Adaptive but suitable for any life that is appropriate to the region that is reflected.

Ecosystem Cycles

The ecological cycles are tied to the will of the strongest being.

Localized Phenomena

Mutable environment through force of will.

Fauna & Flora

Flora and fauna tend to be larger, more vibrant, and intelligent.

Natural Resources

Everything in the world is reflected in the Feiry.
Alternative Name(s)
The Fey, the First World, Mirror Mirror
Dimensional plane
Location under

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