The cave of the Fused

You find some text written by Gretsor on their expedition book. It is dated from 5540.  
  Somewhere in the Middish Plains, near the town of Brunbarn, lays the Cave of the Fused.   From afar, noone would quite notice it. There are a lot of open caves in the plains. Peasants know of most, and don't dare to approach any.   Still, according to the legends, upon entering the cave of the Fused, one would notice it is different. They would hear voices while coming from the walls. They would feel a calling, a compulsion to get deeper.  
  I have been staying around Brunbarn for quite a while now. I've heard many stories about the cave, and the mind of its own it is said to have. Of course, I'd love to visit that and get my own idea. Is that a simple gnat? Or is some more powerful entity at the root of the story? In any case, my explorations of the cave are compromised for now: neither I nor my students can find any actually helpful information on where it is said to be located. Some locals say it is a day's walk from Brunbarn, others that it is on the edge of the same cliff as the one where that genie laid. Hell, some even said the cave was at the bottom of a well!   I'm going to keep looking, and hopefully will join later. Fyki left for a few days, they are interrogating nomads on the subject.

Cover image: by Pouaseuille


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