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Mount Matora of Motuahi {WASC 2021}

The Myth

Legend has it that in the middle of the Eastern see their is a chain of islands where there are giants. Everything on the island has grown to epic proportions: the people, the animals, the plants. The people of Motuahi our a great tribe of warriors who protect the island from all who may come to its shores. This land has been blessed by the dragons as a fruitful paradise. But there is a curse the lazy deep within. Mount Matora is a violent volcano that continuously spews forth its molten lava making it dangerous for any to live near its foothills. Those plants and animals who live on the same island as this Mount are blessed by the gods with extra size and strength bringing back treasures from these islands is nearly impossible due to the dangers of the volcano Mount.   If only there were some who were brave enough to go to its shores and discover its treasures.  

The Sory behind the Myth

The Short Story: The Celestial's Condescension includes a retelling of the Celestial Dragoms creation myth.

  According to the faith of the five dragons, the physical globe of saga dorm is the remains of their five bodies with the exception of the other fours hearts.. The four moons that orbit the planet are the powered core hearts of the four other dragons.   As Sagadorm curled up into a ball, the remains of the other four dragons and some of their possessions.   As the earth was formed many of the islands took different shapes either of the Dragon themselves or of the remains of the other four dragons. The other four dragons formed the air, water, and other elements.   All magic in the world comes from how in tune a person can be with the spirit and energies of saga dorm. When the Dragon became the planet, he continued to have his magic running throughout his body. This magic manifests itself in lay lines that cover the globe. Similar to magnetic poles. These lay lines have direction most of them extrude out of one place and then coalesce into another. Is from the depths of the mountain called Mount Matora of Motuahi.   Mount Matora is a place of living death. It is an active volcano that were regularly spews out molten lava. As the mountain a wrapped a surge of power goes out across the lay lines and and it helps power the magics of those since enough to receive it, and build up the magical reserves amongst the blessed animals.   All of this magical energy coming out of the volcano and spreading to the world has made it possible to perform magics. Any magical power that is not consumed by one of the creatures or core stone makes it's way to the entry point of all the lae lines back into the globe, Trilenius.   As a side note, the reason the fairies went to tray Linea's was because they were drawn there by the lay lines pulling them to its centered location. They wanted to be in a location where all of the magics combined.   Of the two locations, the magic is stronger at Mount Matora, as it is closest to the source of the power. However this power cannot be well regulated due to its sheer strength and wild ferocity. It is only as it has been tempered by travel where it reaches the fairies of tray Linea's.   The mountain is alive with the largest variety of unique flora and fauna found anywhere in the world. The heavy availability and absorption of the magical energies spewing forth from the volcano because the plants to accelerate their evolutionary. Most of these plants and animals are unique only to this island chain. The animals here are more vibrantly colored and energetic. The plants are larger and more nutritious.  


"Matora" comes from "mate" and "ora" which are the Maori words for life and death.



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