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Fáelán Feidlimid

Fáelán Feidlimid is a forest surrounded by myth. Any attempts to explore its depths were always met with failure - either the explorers would not return at all, or they would return but without any shred of their sanity. Eventually, the other inhabitants of Sursum stopped sending exploration parties into the forest.


Roughly translaed, Fáelán Feidlimid means "faerie forest". The trees there grow tall and lush, making it extremely hard to traverse. The forest itself is surrounded by mountain ranges , except for the portion that touches the eastern sea. In the center of the forest is the largest body of water found on Sursum, the lake Merás Linn.


Horses guard any entrance to the forest, preventing anyone from entering unless they have explicit permission to enter. These horses are those that adapted to the rather harsh life of the steppes on Sursum.

Localized Phenomena

The weather around the forest, according to those that made it back out, is always foggy and humid. Visibility is reduced, sometimes to the point of not being able to see more than an arm's length in front of them. The source of this fog is not known.


The forest has always been shrouded in fog and mystery for as long as anyone can remember. Some of the earliest written records from Sursum tell a tale of individuals becoming lost within Fáelán Feidlimid.
Excerpt from a collection of letters, unfortunately incomplete because they were damaged by time; author unknown:
...a rainbow of colors permeated the clearing, surrounding the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen! She didn't notice me at first, and I didn't dare make a sound. It was like...
...and her eyes! Wide and full of innocence - I almost wonder if she had not seen a man before. I wanted to say something, anything, but my voice didn't want to work. She said something to me, in a language completely unfamiliar, and I could only shake my head in response. Her pure white wings closed around her, like she was sheltering herself from the outside world. I cried out to her, asking - no, pleading her to stay, but she appeared not to hear...
...she's still out there. I have to find her. Damn this forest; I don't care if the stories about it are true! I have to...
Alternative Name(s)
Forest of the Lost Souls

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