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Troll Graveyard


Troll Graveyard is an area of swamp about ten miles from the start of the stone waste in Freeland and part of the Buzzwing Swamp. The area itself is about a half mile in diameter. The surrounding forest is made trees dead from the top to halfway down and bone trees. One of the bogs of the swamp is very large and has branches-like pieces sticking out of it that look like massive and monstrous bones.


The most common myth about Troll Graveyard is that a massive group of trolls were all dying from a spell cast on them from the Daemons. These trolls tried to run away from the spell, as their stupidity tends to send them. Eventually, the trolls succumbed to the spell and died in a pile. The collective rot of all the troll bodies caused the creation of a massive bog that holds all of their bones. One less common myth is that there was a mass execution of trolls by an adventuring party. The adventurers would put all of the bodies in the same bog. No matter the myth they believe in, all Freemen who know of it fear it because of undead trolls and troll based curses that are developed through a mass of troll corpses.


The bog has the bones of a group of nothics stuck in it, along with branches of bone trees that grow nearby. There are no troll bones, curses, or undead near the bog and the rest of this area of the swamp. The most dangerous parts of Troll Graveyard is the massive bog, the slight aura of anti magic from the nothic bones, the many large insects, and the shambling mound that lives nearby. Additionally, it was the hunting grounds of a hostile lizardfolk tribe, until they found the Shambling mound.
Forest, Boreal (Coniferous)

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