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Lake Oranju


This is a large lake located on the southern portion of the continent of Andria. It is shaped like a rough circle, slightly ovoid, and is large enough that you can stand on one end and not be able to see the other, and roughly 150ft in depth on average. However, its main distinctive feature is the fact that the water in the lake is bright orange. It is extremely vibrant, almost resembling orange juice in color, and is almost completely opaque, it is extremely difficult to even see a foot into the water. However, besides its vibrant color, it otherwise behaves completely normally. It is drinkable, flows like water, and has a vibrant ecosystem living within it. The water is usually pleasantly warm, and never freezes. Standing on the edge, you can see a vibrant and glassy lake of orange stretching as far as the eye can see. It is rumored that the orange color comes from an attempt from vengeful spirits to taint the lake in order to kill the native ecosystem and all the people nearby. The myth claims they were partially successful, but benevolent spirits were able to partially correct the taint, leading to the harmless orange color. However, other mythologies exist, and no two sources can seemingly agree on the the cause of the lake's color.


Within the lake itself there is a very vibrant and active local ecosystem. Interestingly, the creatures within the lake are often somewhat reminiscent of those found in the deep ocean, due to the complete lack of light penetrating the surface of the water. Most creatures do not have eyes by the standard definition, but some have evolved extrasensory mechanisms such as infrared detection and heightened sensitivity to smell and vibrations. All of the native foliage, including those surrounding the lake, have bright orange veins, or are simply entirely orange, due to the water from Lake Oranju being absorbed through their roots.

Localized Phenomena

This lake is one of the only recorded that is naturally so brightly colored. As well as that, all surrounding foliage is much brighter orange than is standard for the continent, so much so that they are highly valuable among tourists, and are believed by some to have healing properties.


This place attracts huge amounts of tourists due to the sheer incredibleness of Lake Oranju itself. People flock to see and swim in the vibrant orange waters, and often fall victim to the many scams that are prevalent around the shores of the incredible lake.
Alternative Name(s)
The Flaming Lake
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