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Continent of Andria


This is an odd semicircle with a sort of yin and yang shape to it's partner, Pelidore. It is the magical half of the two. The whole continent is stricken by a permanent wild magic zone, due to the imbalance of magical power within the continent. This entire continent is odd and magical. The soil itself is imbued with energy, making it smell faintly of vanilla and a mild pink in color. The river that cuts through the continent is, oddly enough, freshwater. Small ponds, often imbued with odd properties such as healing or water breathing, are scattered around the continent. It is dotted with huge, powerful crystals that are the source of the magical energy of the continent. They also radiate colored light in the color of the crystal.

Fauna & Flora

The flora and fauna here is odd and fantastical. It comes in many shapes and forms, all mystical and wild. For example, the grass here comes in shades of orange and pink, and grows very long. Huge mushrooms, edible and soft, grow two feet tall across the continent. Giant mushrooms occasionally get 5 feet tall. There are not many trees here, but the ones that are here come in many colors. Cottontrees are a commonly found variety that sprout soft woolen leaves that stretch down to the ground. Animals are often odd as well, but are typically mutated creatures reminiscent of standard plains animals, such as deerabbits, feris, and fireflights. Many creatures have grown to share a pink and orange color scheme to blend in with their environment.

Natural Resources

This land has many resources that are highly coveted by the continents outside. Due to it's unusual nature, things as simple as a piece of grass may go for a silver to certain people. The more traditional exports include exotic animals, textiles, mushrooms, rare minerals, torches from the fire that always burns, shards from the crystal of magic, enchanted items, and other items of similar nature.


Originally, Pelidore and Andria were one continent, somewhat circular. Then, in 12 AL, the continent was violently torn apart in a fit of rage from a Horror, angry when an attempt to create more life failed. This left the continent split into two. Oddly enough, an unintended consequence of this was that the magic on the continent was split. Andria became magical, and Pelidore nonmagical. On Andria, the magic was stored in massive crystals which spread across the continent, and Pelidore became completely mundane.


Many people visit this place. It is quite friendly to tourists as long as they know the dangers beforehand. Some come here to learn magic from the best of the best. Some come to harvest the incredible resources or see the incredible sights. When they stay here, they often find a small town with an inn, a stop at an adventurers guild, or even just stay in a cottontree overnight.
Alternative Name(s)
The wild half
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