Surtur's Kettle

Spiritgrove of White Peaks


Surtur's Kettle, also known as Stone Kettle, is a caldera on the White Peaks, which functions as a unique spiritgrove that is well known from its hotsprings. This unique place is wrapped in many local myths, most famous of them being the myth of its birth, that gives it its name.


The Kettle appears as a large crater between mountains. In the middle of the crater, there is a lake, with a narrow landbridge to a feather-shaped island in the middle, covered with magnificent spirit trees and unique flora and fauna.

Localized Phenomena

Edges of the Surtur's Kettle are often obscured by clouds, making it rather easy to spot in the distance. The Lake on the bottom of the kettle functions as one large hot spring, which is known to have special properties. Despite the high altitude, snow never reaches the bottom of the kettle, which is cosy and warm all year around.

Natural Resources

Legends tell, that the waters and plants of the Kettle have special properties that can aid healing as well as acts of creation. water has been used in paints that have made masterpieces, it has been used to cool down metal to make it better bend to one's will, and wash rock to make it better to carve. It is also considered a good base for potions and remedies, making them more potent in the hands of a master apothecary.


Area is often visited by pilgrims, ones close to nature or nature gods, but also by Stone Giants that travel there to search aid and show respect to their deity, Skoraeus Stonebones, god of art and knowledge. On the bottom of the caldera, there are ruins of an old temple completely dedicated to Skoraeus Stonebones, the Great Creator, and this is seen as crafters and artists (particularly those that work with stone) as a place to search for lost inspiration and connect to new creative ideas.

Special properties of this Spiritgrove also attract researchers and healers. A special monastery stands on the edge of the crater, known as the Gardens of the Broken, which is dedicated to god Ilmater, which attracts the sick from the Kingdom of Freynia. Also some smaller elven shrines are located near the Kettle, and the place is also mentioned in the legends of the local dwarfs.

Alternative Name(s)
Stone Kettle, the Kettle
Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera
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