Gardens of the Broken



In the edge of the Surtur's Kettle stands the monastery known as the Gardens of the Broken, in the very border of the Kingdom of Freynia. The climb to the monastery is harsh and unforgiving, but many do the pilgrimage in hopes that the knowledge of the monks of the monastery together with the blessed waters of the Kettle could help to heal any physical or mental ailment.

Purpose / Function

Gardens were build to bring glory to Ilmater, The Broken God, god of endurance, martyrdom, perseverance, healing and suffering. Inside its walls, the monks that have dedicated their lives to their god's service practice their faith, study and offer healing services and shelter those that have come to search for the Ilmater's mercy.


The monastery itself is in the middle of a wild, sloped garden where the monks grow their food and herbs. The buildings are on crooked and tower-like support-pillars due to the lack of even ground, leaning against each other through narrow yet sturdy stone bridges, connecting the spires into larger buildings. This makes them look quite fragile and sometimes they sway slightly on the wind, but despite this, the buildings stand undisturbed.


Pilgrims, alchemists, artists, craftsmen and terminally ill are known to take the weary travel to Gardens of the Broken to seek aid and wisdom of the monks or have some of the waters of Surtur's Kettle. Due to the difficult journey, these visitors come fairly rarely and tend to stay a good while when they do.

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