Catacombs of Murbay

Murbay, capital of Murtivia. City of shit, skulls, and scary priests. Well to be fair, most cities could be labeled as "city of shit", but most don't have the latter two. Murbay houses the largest of the halls of the dead in Murtivia, the famed Thasma's Priestschool, and Murbay keep. But it is probably most famous for its catacombs. The largest network of catacombs on the Mithran western coast. They are both impressive and wrapped in myth.  


When Thasma's religion first started rising, most of the cities in Murtivia resisted heavily. Although Thasma's Occult had a lot of influence in many cities, in Murbay the nobles did not like the idea of a new god. They resisted heavily, tearing down statues, burning priests at the stake, banning any worshipping of Thasma, and even going as far as banning the word Thasma. This did not help though, so many resisted that It was virtually impossible to cull the religion unless they were willing to kill every citizen in the city. Something they came close to doing. Many of these citizens made small underground temples that eventually connected to each other. These grew and grew until the catacombs were there. Connecting even to a network of underground caves that connected it to a few nearby settlements. Then the people revolted and took over the city by force. The old nobles were cast down and so many died, they used the catacombs as graves. Now the walls of the catacombs are filled with skulls and bones.
Cave System

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