Formed when the comet Krio struck the planet, Wraithsear stands as the tallest peak on Zantyra. The single vast peak, half natural, half alien, ascends far into the skies, past the @hov. The peak receives snow almost year round and, during the summer, numerous waterfalls gather into the great waterfall of the coolname valley. Much of the mountain requires proper climbing equipment or flight to scale, though the strong winds often make flight impossible. The rugged terrain of the base is lush with a variety of plant and animal life that has been altered by the concentrated presence of magic.  While quite beautiful, it is also one of the most deadly places on Zantyra. The high concentration of Mezznian Shards has left the mountain riddled with untamed magic that causes the land to constantly shift and change. The bizarre effects the shards had on the weather and land around them has made the land unlivable for any but the Eshiddians. The fact that the Eshiddians have taken the mountain as their home, has been a point of contention for some time, but the inhabitants of Zantrya have accpeted that there is no way to remove them.


In the early days following the Celestial Calamity, many adventurers and a number of war parties tried to brave the mountain,  seeking shards or trying to find a way into Khanosti's fabled prison and restore the archshaman to power. The ongoing deadly conditions of the mountain have done little to stop people from trying despite the high rate of failure.  Each year, many Zantyrans gather at the base of the mountain to mourn the passing of Yaanshidd and their beloved Velpir. Member's of Khanosti's Heart often spend the gathering communing with the earth and attempting to make contact with the beloved archshaman, unwilling to believe that he has truly passed.
Mountain / Hill


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