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Oasis of Norhesh


Amid the Dragon-Teeth Mountains there rests an oasis of life among the harsh windblown mountains. The land here is mostly flat with smaller mountains before the larger peaks of the Dragon-Teeth Mountains. There is a large freshwater lake that is fed by underground springs and melt runoff from the other mountains.


Compared to the harsh environment of the Dragon-Teeth Mountains and the Doom Pass the Oasis of Norhesh is perfectly pleasant. It is similar in climate to Rhyderia despite being much higher elevation. While the area is temperate there is more pine trees than other types.

Ecosystem Cycles

The seasons are unaffected by its position in the world.

Localized Phenomena

The biggest phenomenon about the Oasis is the Oasis itself. The fact that such a place can exist in the otherwise brutal mountains. There is a certain presence within the Oasis, it keeps most of the more nefarious beings away, a certain heavy presence that welcomes those who come in peace but fills others with a sense of dread. This aura is said to be the presence of the Elder Spirit Norhesh, the spirit of the mountains itself.

Fauna & Flora

Pine trees, moss, thick grass, and ferns make up the majority of the plant life of the Oasis of Norhesh. The lake boasts a diverse amount of underwater flora as well.   As for fauna, there are deer, yaks, all manner of birds, and fish that live within the little paradise in the mountains.

Natural Resources

The soil of the oasis is fertile and can be used to grow grain or other crops, something the Khaldran exiles have taken to exploring to augment their own food stores. Beyond that, there is game to hunt and the mountains around the Oasis are filled with all manner of minerals.


Getting to the Oasis of Norhesh can be very difficult as the only land route that is viable is through the Doom Pass, which often has all manner of creatures that will make a meal of the unprepared. Once you arrive though the Oasis is a place of serene beauty in most cases, the problems of the world below seem lesser.
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