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The Kona Mountains

What lies beyond the mountains? Girl, only Gaurdians and gods are privy to that answer. There isn't a single mortal who's gone searching for the answer and succesfully returned to tell the rest of us.

- A father to his daughter

The Kona Mountains or Konas is a major mountain range in sourthern Swenitch. The Konas are known for being impassable and for being the place that the Gaurdians of Kithaen call home. Despite the importance of the mountains to people of Swenitch, not much is known about the area.

Fifty-eight mountain peaks have been discovered and named. The most recent addition, Noda'vek Peak, was discovered in 947 ZYE, when the infamous Chamtaran inventor, Crizmern Kran, attached a seeing crystal onto one of his gemwork creatures and released it near the base of the Kona Mountains.


The Kona Mountains span the entirety of Swenitch's southern border. The mountain range consists of multiple smaller ranges and runs 1800 miles (2900 km) from east to west. It is unknown how far south the Kona Mountains reach, but most scholars estimate that the mountain range is 500 to 750 miles (800 to 1200 km) wide. The highest point in the range is Mount Viskrep.


The Konas are a place of religious, historical, and spiritual importance in every culture of Swenitch. All that is known about these mountains come from legends, myths, and religious texts. The Messegners' Texts name the Kona Mountains has the home of the Gaurdians and warn mortals against venturing into the mountains lest they be destroyed.

The Draxari

The Draxari inhabit the lands just north of the mountains and believe themselves to be the keepers of the Konas. They consider it their duty to prevent mortals from tresspassing in divine territory.


Ventures into the Konas Mountains are discouraged against, but that has not stopped curious adventurers in the past. No successful expedition has ever been recorded. Few even make it back to report the expedition's failure.

Art and Culture

The tradegies of failed expeditions are a popular topic for fictional works. Auskali Laenclire's famous epic, "Carnage Devoid", depicts one of the most infamous expeditions into the mountains.

Alternative Name(s)
Mountain Range

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Author's Notes

I've got a lot more work to do on this article, as it's kinda an essential place to Swenitch's major religon. But, there's enough here to give me a starting point and for the article to qualify for a Summer Camp prompt.

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