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The Light Pool

The Light Pool, also known as the Glowing Pond, is a smallish body of water that is crystal clear. The sand on the beach is very fine, and the grass that grows around it is very soft. The water has been described as ‘sparkling’ during the day and glowing at night. No one is sure why it glows, but an old legend says that the light is a sign of Zaria’s presence on the island.
The pond has no visible signs of life in it, no fish or plants, just the light that comes from seemingly nowhere. The water is tinted blue, and the most daring researchers describe it as tasting like nothing, like very purified water. This doesn’t make sense because it is a stagnant pool of water with no water flowing in or out of it, and no one can explain the taste or clarity of the water.
Some believe that drinking the water is against Zaria’s wishes, others believe that drinking the water brings you closer to her. It is largely debated amongst the members of the Order of the Island, as none of them can decide whether they should drink from it or leave it be. Some believe that just touching the water and being in its presence is enough to be closer to Zaria. Others say you can only look at it, you mustn’t touch it. One thing everyone that believes in her can agree on is that the island goddess is definitely present in the water, or at least her spirit is.
Alternative Name(s)
The Glowing Pond
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