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Grey Towers of Endoval

Standing tall within the Endoval Forest, the Grey Tower is clearly visible from the cliffs of Cerelon. Two enormous, featureless grey towers poke out from above the treetops, each roughly 150 metres tall. Whilst the base of the towers is mostly obscured by the forest, if inspected carefully with a good telescope it is also possible to make out a ruin at the base of the towers as well as a deep pit. Very little is known about this tower, as it has been a long time since anyone has braved the dangers of the forest to explore it. The last time it was visited was in 61CF by an expedition lead by Hagin Vash of the Ward Exploratory Corps. No one from that expedition ever returned.

The fact that not much is known about the grey tower hasn't stopped many in Cerelon from speculating on what it might be. Many a sozzled conversation has been held in the taverns of Cerelon, concocting many outlandish explanations for the origin of the building. Theories range from perhaps being the source of the Margr that plague the area, to being a gateway into a subterranean tunnel complex, to being a path to some form of earthly paradise. One theory even holds that the expedition did not in fact perish; instead, they simply liked their new home too much and decided not to return.

For all the speculation and interest the towers generate, the Ward Militia have little time to take any interest and leave it well alone. No one from Cerelon ever enters the Endoval Forest, and the nature of the towers continues to remain a mystery.


  • Grey Towers - Transit Well

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