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Hagin Vash

Born on the 1st of Binin 29CF, Hagin was an accomplished herbalist and explorer who founded and ran the Mesa Herbal Apothecary, as well as lead expeditions for the Ward Militia Exploratory Corps to explore the Endoval Forest and beyond. He was known as a gentleman adventurer and tales of his exploits and achievements are still frequently told in Cerelon (although by now, it can be hard to tell which parts of the story are facts and which are mere legends).

Hagin set off on his last expedition on the 16th of Novarin leading 11 members of the Ward Militia Exploratory Corps out into the Endoval Forest to explore the Grey Towers of Endoval and then onwards to see if they could learn what lies beyond the forest. The party was expected to return by the 23rd of Decemin, but was never seen again. While there was hope at first that they might just be behind schedule, as the days and weeks wore on it became apparent that they would not return

His demise ultimately lead to Cerelon becoming a more insular place, the Ward Militia Exploratory Corps were disbanded three months after his failed expedition citing difficulties recruiting able and willing explorers. The town would also be without a capable herbalist for nearly fifty years, until Zin Akatoa spent considerable time and effort poring over Hagins notes, and eventually reopened the Mesa Herbal Apothecary in 111CF.


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Character Portrait image: by Artbreeder


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