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Rafledva is, to put it simply, a remarkably complex place. Not magically, not structurally, but socially. A variety of different ethnic groups have chosen to live together in this small and tightly built village: Elves, Dwarfs, Dark Elves, Humans, you name it! A fantastically peaceful place where everyone mutually disregard of each others indifferences, since all simply want to live in true peace. A big heap of hippies pretty much.
  One species who is also a part of the Rafledva village is the Kepoe. In fact: This is the only place where civilized Kepoes have settled in all of Darta. The Kepoes is the one factor that makes this place so complex and controversial, for the Kepoes gel-like body parts is a very sought after commodity, used for various illegal spells.
  Since Kepoes are very few, in comparison to other ethnic groups, they classify as an endangered species. On top of that they are also civilized, meaning they have as many rights as any other civilized ethnicity. So those who hunt down Kepoes are illegal and looked down upon on so many levels, yet also feared. Only the boldest, most skilled and experienced hunters take on such a difficult, unmoral but extremely well-paid task as murdering Kepoes. They often go undercover as tourists, and even as citizens in extreme cases, all in order to uncover who among the habitants are Kepoe and not human. All types of bounty hunters, maffias and other black market professions can, and are, spying on and hunting down Kepoes as best they can whilst not blowing their own cover.
  Thankfully, the Kepoes are extremely similar to humans, so similar that there is no known way to prove their Kepoe heritage. The only way is to simply catch them red-handed using their Kepoe-abilities. The bounty hunters also doesn't want to take a gamble and accidentally kill an innocent civilian mistaking them for a Kepoe, even the black market has moral limits in some ways believe it or not. But since all Kepoes are fully aware of the danger of existing as Kepoe they use their abilities as seldom as possible. Therefore, instances of murder rarely occurs.
  This entire situation leaves the entire town's folk at a constant edge and suspicion towards each other. Both humans and non-humans are willing to help the Kepoes feel safe and try to uncover who might be a threat towards them. No one is paid to keep the Kepoes safe, it is all an effort by the community.

  Kepoes are amphibian seapeople. Their whale like fin attached to their feet, their webbing between their fingers
  The anatomy of the Kepoes is humanoid. The difference from a regular human is the webbing between the fingers and a feet-fin attached to their feet which looks like a dolphin, and lastly: three gills on each side of the throat. All the water body parts are made out of a gel-like material [Sling hands] which only appear when submerged in water and on command by the Kepoe. The gel-like material is majorly see through making it hard to spot from above the water surface. Kepoes är de enda av seapople som har denna gel-like materialet. "patent"
  At a younger age the Kepoes feet-fin hasn't developed yet leaving their feet with only webbing between the toes. It is only at age 10 [lifespan: 70] that they start to get larger webbing at the feet eventually becoming intertwined with each other


At the foot of a rather large cliff a hot-spring emerges. The densely growing trees bring great cover from the sun. Surprisingly scarce of insects and bugs due to the heat from the warm lake. The smell isn't the best, but it's easily bearable.


Thanks to the hot-spring, there is no drop in popularity among tourists! Both winter and summer-crazed individuals can enjoy activities easily all year round.
Alternative Name(s)
Kepoe town

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