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Nolh Aev

We can see Sky Eater looming in the distance. Its peak hidden by clouds. If we can reach the base of that mountain our chances of making it out of the Lindiwae alive will have increased significantly.
— Excerpt from a journal contributed to Trisjk the Survivor
Nolh Aev, also known as Sky Eater, is the highest mountain in the Lindiwa Mountain Range. Since ancient times, this mountain has been seen as a place of legends. Tales about a hidden city inside the mountain, filled with treasures, have been circulating for thousands of years. Many fortune seekers have lost their lives trying to reach this mountain.

The Lost City

According to legend, a vast network of tunnels and chambers can be found inside Nolh Aev. It is said The Forgotten once lived there. When they fled Nolh Aev, they left behind most of their belongings. Including jewelry with gemstones and items of precious metals. More importantly though, it is said that many ancient technological artefacts and weapons are hidden away inside this vast city. If there is any truth to this, the discovery of this lost city would be invaluable. It could bring technological advancements, and perhaps a better understanding of what caused The Pulse. But why did the Forgotten abandon this place? If it exists.
The place is eerie. Soft blue light everywhere, coming from the crystal lights. Tables set for dinner, beds made up, as if the people who once lived here will return any moment. As if they were never really gone.
— Excerpt from a journal contributed to Trisjk the Survivor

The Guardian

The Guardian of Nolh Aev is found in every tale told about the mountain. For example, in The Treasure of Nolh Aev it is mentioned that the protagonist is attacked by a gigantic winged beast. Folklorists believe the beast could be a Star Kite. The last of its kind. How it could have survived inside a mountain for thousands of years is never spoken about. Though it seems unlikely anything could survive in such a place. Not to mention it would have died of old age a long time ago. How much truth is within these legends is hard to determine. The only way to be certain would be to send an expedition into the deadliest place on Ealdwyll: The Lindiwae.
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Sky Eater
Mountain / Hill
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The name Nolh Aev is Old Ealdorian. Believed to be the oldest language on Ealdwyll, once spoken by The Forgotten. The name survived over thousands of years, and is still in use today. Historical linguists have produced a translation: Sky Eater. This is the name most people use to refer to the mountain today.
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The translation of Nolh Aev to Sky Eater is incorrect. In Old Ealdorian the word nolh means mountain, and aev means sky. So the correct translation would be Mountain Sky, or more precisely Sky Mountain. But perhaps Sky Eater speaks more to the imagination of the people of Ealdwyll.


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Hmm, maybe they should send an expedition, regardless of the danger! If they can find brave enough souls, it would be fascinating to learn what truly exists there.

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